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Onshore Geotechnical

Fugro GeoServices offers access to the full range of onshore geotechnical services that are available within the Fugro Group of Companies. With over 2,200 skilled technical and professional staff in North America alone, located in 44 offices in 18 Provinces and States, Fugro provides optimum specialist geotechnical results through our cohesive integrated approach.

Geotechnical services offered include:

  • Consultancy and engineering/interpretation skills which include geotechnical, engineering geology, seismic evaluation and ground motion, earthquake engineering, soil liquefaction, slope stability analysis. Selection of design parameters, pile foundations, bearing capacities, flood walls and dewatering techniques.
  • Tailings Dam Services. Desktop Studies and Geohazard Analysis, Stability Assessment, Construction Management and Monitoring.
  • COL applications for nuclear power plants.
  • Site investigations, including Cone Penetration Technology (CPT), both geotechnical and environmental, drilling and coring.
  • Laboratory analysis of the soils, Fugro laboratories are accredited for both Resonant Column and Cyclic Torsional Shear Testing which are requirements for the Nuclear Industry.
  • Quality Assurance and management of geotechnical drilling companies (i.e. subcontracting to local companies and/or PMC on behalf of our Clients).
  • Static and Dynamic pile load testing.
  • Auger cast in place pile installation observation, drilled pier observation, foundation installation observation and geophysical surveys.
  • Hydro geological engineering and modeling, watershed science.
  • Near shore (shallow lakes/rivers) geotechnical site investigations.
  • Rock coring and drilling.
  • GIS Data Reporting and Analysis.
  • Construction Material Engineering and Testing.
  • Soil such as Borrow Source Evaluation, Dike Material Selection, Proctor and Nuclear Density Tests, Compaction Observation, Moisture Conditioning.
  • Concrete such as Mix Designs and Confirmation, Onsite and Batch Plant Observation, Compression and Fluxural Strength, Precast Inspection, GPR Structure Scan.
  • Asphalt, Mix Designs and Confirmation, Hveem and Marshall Stability, Batch Plant Observations, Coring and Profileograph.
  • Structural Steel/NDT, Fabrication Inspection, Dye Penetrant, Magnetic Particle and Hardness, X Ray and Gamma Radiography, Ultrasonic Immersion, Welder Qualifications and Training.