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Water – one of our most precious resources. That is, when it’s in the right place at the right time.  

All the way from dams, reservoirs, lift stations, treatment plants, and distribution lines, Fugro services contribute to steady supplies of water for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and recreational use. Many of the same types of facilities apply to collecting, treating, and disposing wastewater streams.

Of course, water does not always behave itself. Damages and misery associated with flooding have become all too common. Flood defense systems increasingly claim a top priority in water-related spending. Here, too, Fugro offers unique services to meet the demand. A recent innovation, REAL® (Rapid Engineering Analysis of Levees®), combines a variety of technologies, models, and geo-data for the automated assessment of levee safety.

With equipment and experience in geologic/seismic hazard assessment, site exploration, dynamic soil testing, geotechnical engineering, dam safety programs, tunneling, construction quality assurance, groundwater modeling, watershed studies, GIS, and water quality testing, Fugro is a mainstay in the water industry.