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Fugro has a wealth of experience supporting multinational corporations on global projects. Skillful project management is key to success in executing overseas projects. We have the capability and experience to effectively and efficiently execute large and complex projects, while adhering to international standards of health, safety, environmental, and quality control. Working with our global network of offices located in 59 countries, we are able to satisfy local requirements and effectively manage logistics, cultural, accountability, security, and regulatory issues.

We offer a full suite of consultancy services, geotechnical site investigation and interpretation, and construction services such as deep foundation testing. Throughout the life cycle of a project, Fugro performs geotechnical and geological services at initial site selection through site services performed during engineering procurement and construction.

Fugro is increasingly being utilized to provide a single project managed package of services. For major oil and gas installations along coasts, we have provided our own onshore geotechnical services and managed additional Fugro services, including offshore geotechnical and geophysical services, land- and airborne-based survey and geophysical services, and met ocean services. Fugro has been trusted by multinational companies on some of the largest and most complex projects in the world.