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Coastal & Nearshore

Fugro has been an international leader in marine geotechnical engineering for more than 45 years. Coastal and marine projects form the center of our practice. Whereas most firms may occasionally execute an overwater project, Fugro has been executing exploration programs and design studies for marine projects every day of every year for nearly five decades.  

Unlike most geotechnical consultants, Fugro owns and operates vessels, survey systems, and geotechnical exploration systems. Many of the state-of-the-art marine survey and offshore (as well as land) exploration techniques within the industry have been developed by Fugro in response to the challenges of executing offshore projects.

Coastal developments that require Fugro’s geotechnical and marine survey capabilities include:

  • Channel and berth deepening for Panamax/Post-Panamax vessels
  • Hydraulic landfill port expansion
  • Overwater bridges
  • Intake and outfall pipelines and tunnels: desalination intake, sewer outfall, fresh water intake
  • Coastal erosion monitoring, flooding studies, and flood protection structures
  • Pipeline route hydrographic surveys
  • Transportation tunnels: rail and roadway
  • Port backland development
  • Wharf and pier seismic renovations
  • Environmental mitigation site development and habitat restoration
  • Port-wide infrastructure and facilities development and maintenance
  • Offshore wind, LNG, and oil facilities

Expertise in all geotechnical aspects of coastal development is one of the premier features of Fugro. Many of the largest port developments, challenging overwater bridges, and underwater tunnels in areas with high seismic risk have been accomplished using Fugro’s site exploration, engineering, and marine survey services.